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06.11.2023 | Well-attended meeting of CMIG members on Mallorca




The informal meeting of thirty aviation enthusiasts from the Citation Mustang Interest Group (CMIG) took place in the southwest of Mallorca from October 12-15 in summery weather.

The participants enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, the cheerful and friendly atmosphere and being together with like-minded people and used the time for an intensive exchange of their flying experiences. Of course, light drinks and good Spanish food were not to be missed.

On Saturday, the participants met to discuss technical issues and prepare for the club's next general meeting.

Wuppertal, November 2023

1. Citation Mustang Interest Group (CMIG)
2. Interested participants at the CMIG meeting on Mallorca

Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

01.11.2023 | Cessna Citation Mustang Meeting in Oxford



Around 40 members and friends of the association "Citation Mustang Interest Group", short "CMIG", met on 11.05. - 14.05.2023 for the annual general meeting in Oxford, England.

A varied supporting program for the pilots, owners and friends of the Mustang C-510 provided a great positive response. In addition to the official annual CMIG conference, all interested participants enjoyed an Oxford city and college tour, as well as a private boat trip on the Thames followed by lunch overlooking the charming Oxford backdrop.

On Friday evening, members and accompanying persons exchanged ideas intensively in a relaxed atmosphere over a welcome drink at Oxford Airport in the hangar of JMI Maintenance and an original street food truck with fish and chips under musical accompaniment. Textron presented the new Citation M2 Gen2 here, present demo pilots answered all questions competently.

The official part of the general meeting also took place on Saturday in the JMI hangar. There, the latest technical standards of the Mustang C-510 were discussed, internal club votes took place and experiences and case studies were exchanged and discussed. Bernhard Fragner, himself a Mustang pilot and CEO of the world's largest Mustang operator GlobeAir, reported on his invaluable wealth of experience and gave valuable insights into his flight operations. James Nelson, head of Team Mustang at Textron, reported live via Zoom from Wichita on technical news of the Mustang.

On Sunday morning, after breakfast at the historic 5-star Oxford Randolph Hotel, the journey home in sunshine took place.

Association spokesman Dr. Till Werner praised the organisation through the team of JMI and RPM Oxford and was pleased with the many positive feedbacks from the members and their accompaniments. He spoke of a successful and well-organised event that will remain in good memory for everyone.

Wuppertal, November 2023

1. Citation Mustang Jets that arrived at the meeting
2. Participants at the event in the JMI Maintenance hangar

Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

26.01.2023 | Cessna Citation Mustang Meeting in Valencia


From 24.11.22 to 27.11.22 another member meeting of the Citation Mustang Interest Group (CMIG) took place, this time in Valencia. The Spanish port city welcomed the participants with best sunny weather and offered at this time of year a welcome change to the gray November in Germany.

But not only the Mediterranean climate attracted the club members to southern Spain, in Valencia is the most modern and largest maintenance center of Textron Aviation. Unfortunately, despite the support of Execujet Handling, the arrival at the airport was somewhat marred by Spanish regulatory madness. Numerous regulations and an unusual amount of paperwork and registration bureaucracy had to be complied with and mastered in advance.

The tour of the Service Center impressed the enthusiastic participants. Textron offers Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance, a complete Paint Booth and an Interior Shop for complete refurbishments. The Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort impressed with its location in the first sea line and well-equipped oceanfront rooms.

The actual meeting took place on Saturday. Highlights here were the latest features from RocketRoute, ForeFlight and Garmin. Unfortunately, there was also some need for discussion with Textron on the availability of spare parts, a problem that is affecting all of aviation at the moment. Constantin Hingerl presented his mobile EU wide aircraft reconditioning service Optimum Clean, which is certified by Cessna.

On Sunday, the members received their annual NCC Recurrent training, after which they headed home in all directions.

Worms, January 2023

Caption: Citation jet at Textron Aviation maintenance center
Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

21.07.2022 | Citation Mustang Meeting in Mönchengladbach


On 7 May, 2022, at the invitation of the CMIG Board of Directors, Dr. Till Werner invited a large number of members with their citations to a seminar and exchange of experiences in Mönchengladbach, sponsored by the company RAS, which is the largest employer at the airport with 270 employees.

The Hugo Junkers Hangar not only offered the necessary framework, but also hit the mood of the participants. Dr. Till Werner welcomed them and led into an extensive and highly interesting program. Jan Brill, editor-in-chief of the magazine Pilot & Flugzeug, gave a lecture on the subject: „What can go wrong, goes wrong - error analyzes in HPA aviation“. Dr. Till Werner reported on the experiences with the NXI Phase 2 Update, GSR56 Iridium Phone & Weather, the weather radar GWX75, Wolfgang Östreich from ForeFlight fascinated the participants with the innovations of the program using an example flight with the Citation Mustang.

All participants were eagerly awaiting the presentation by Dirk Reinhart, head of the NCC department at the LBA in Braunschweig, on the subject: „What does the LBA value in an NCC audit and what are the usual mistakes and findings“. In addition to Stefan Bednarz and Kay Kraatz, Martin Görres from Textron Aviation Düsseldorf also provided the latest information from their company. Jürgen Mies, AOPA author of the safety letter, reported on airspace violations and the daily work of AOPA. A tour of the RAS hangars and the presentation of the latest HONDA jet could not be missed due to sponsorship.

The next meeting is scheduled for November 2022 in Valencia.

Worms, July 2022

Caption: The Citation Mustang Jets that arrived at the meeting
Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

05.10.2021 | Dresden has probably never seen so many Citation Mustang Jets at the same time!


From 01.10. – 03.10.2021 almost 60 members of the association "Citation Mustang Interest Group", short “CMIG”, met for the annual general meeting and the technical seminars in the Hotel Gewandhaus Dresden. As expected, almost all foreign participants came with their planes. The perfectly organized event became a gain in knowledge and contacts for all participants. Dresden Airport worked extremely professionally, a stroke of luck for all approaching and departing pilots. The Dresden service was simply fantastic. All participants were welcomed with a reception and a tour of the shipyard. The first evening event in the restaurant of the Bülow Palais offered the new members a good opportunity to get to know the association "CMIG" and its members better.

A large number of technical seminars and the Annual General Meeting determined the Saturday from 09:00-19:00. As expected, the board was relieved and confirmed.

On the occasion of the subsequent dinner together, one heard almost exclusively technical discussions among the highly motivated pilots. The spokesman Dr. Till Werner, who was highly praised for the organization, announced the following meeting next year in Valencia, with many of the participants even suggesting 2 meetings a year because of the variety of topics.

Wuppertal, October 2021

Caption: The Citation Mustang Jets that arrived at the meeting
Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

07.10.2020 | Citation Mustang Meeting Despite Corona

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With more than 40 participants, this year's two-day annual general meeting of the CMIG (Citation Mustang Interest Group) was probably the largest aviation event in Corona times nationwide.

In compliance with hygiene regulations, this year's meeting took place from 18 to 20 September 2020 in Lindau on Lake Constance. Friedrichshafen EDNY was chosen as the appropriate airport. Thanks to the proximity to Switzerland and Austria, the participants from these countries and from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg travelled by car and two even by boat across Lake Constance. Nevertheless, Friedrichshafen was able to welcome 11 Citation Jets and 3 more aircraft for 2-3 days.

Lake Constance Airport proved to be extremely cooperative and customer-oriented. Despite the reduced workforce, the employees of the air traffic control seemed pleased with the choice of their airport and were happy to be able to help shape an event again.

The participants first met on Friday for a welcome reception and a subsequent shipyard tour at AirPlus. Afterwards they went to the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Lindau, the conference hotel. At a hearty dinner at the Max & Moritz Brewery Inn, the participants activated their contacts and took the opportunity to exchange professional experiences.

Saturday was marked by the Annual General Meeting, enriched with a wide range of specialistlectures. There was great praise to the organizers and a repeated desire for a next meeting aloud. The dinner together at the hotel once again offered many opportunities to make new contacts and deepen existing ones, with the expertise dominating at all tables. The four flight jackets, which Cessna raffled off that evening, generated enthusiasm among the winners.

Before the flight home, the pilots had the opportunity to fly a demo with a Bell 505 helicopter, which was used by many in bright weather over Lake Constance.

Wuppertal, October 2020

Caption: The Citation Mustang Jets that arrived at the meeting
Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

07.10.2019 | Well-attended general meeting of the CMIG

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At the end of September 2019, 25 participants – arrived with 13 aircraft – met in Bremen for the first annual general meeting of the Citation Mustang Interest Group after the foundation of the association in 2018. First there was a reception with a visit of the aircraft maintenance facility at Atlas Air Service, then the annual meeting of the members was hosted by the Lufthansa Airline Academy in Bremen.

Hans-Alfred Kaut, spokesman for CMIG, thanked the 10 founding members and his board colleagues for the perfect support in the founding year, and then reported on the pleasing development of the association. The association now has nearly 30 members, who together operate more than 40 aircrafts, including 36 Citation Mustangs.

The Board of Management and the Treasurer were unanimously exonerated with the abstention of those affected. Since Hans-Alfred Kaut had already declared at the founding meeting that he would only be available for one year for the speaker's mandate, Dr. Till Werner became the speaker and Dr. Klaus Lesker was unanimously appointed as his deputy.

A lively and wide-ranging exchange of experiences and interesting lectures on the topics of accident investigation by Axel Rokohl from the Federal Office for Air Accident Investigation, OM-NCC and the use of ForeFlight in Europe followed.

Worms, October 2019

Caption: Participants of the CMIG general meeting
Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

07.05.2019 | Citation Mustang Meeting in Istria a resounding success

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At the end of April, the members of the association „Citation Mustang Interest Group“ based in Wuppertal (Germany) met for an exchange of experiences at the 5 Star Hotel Grand Park in Rovinj/Istrian/Croatia, which had just opened.

The 3-day meeting of the members of the CMIG in the hotel's technically well-equipped meeting room dealt with many topics related to safe and economical flying with the Mustang Jet. In addition to various technical lectures and discussions, the program offered participants an insight into the excellent Istrian cuisine. Especially the truffles and the other local products thrilled everyone.

Pula LDPL Airport provided a dreamlike backdrop and a very friendly, professional handling for the 13 arrived aircrafts. All participants reaffirmed the desire to reuse the unusual hospitality.

Wuppertal, May 2019

Caption: The Citation Mustang Jets that arrived at the meeting
Image source: Citation Mustang Interest Group

11.02.2019 | Citation Mustang Interest Group attracts widespread interest


Citation Mustang Interest Group, CMIG for short, has already gained many new members and friends in its first six months of existence. From 25.04. to 28.04.2019 there will be a large conference held. The venue for the meeting is the brand new 5 ★ Hotel Grand Park in the historically interesting place Rovinj (Istria). The Experience and the technical discussions will be a width room granted. The supporting program is also impressive and guarantees the participants epicurean highlights of the truffle region of Istria.

Interested Mustang owners, pilots and friends can Like Atm Association spokesman Hans-Alfred Kaut ( More information about the association can be found on the homepage

Wuppertal, Februar 2019

Image source: Textron Aviation Inc.

09.10.2018 | Citation Mustang club founding successfully completed


On 29.09.2018 enthusiastic Citation Mustang friends met and completed the founding of the Citation Mustang Interest Group - short CMIG - based in Wuppertal. The board is made up of the spokesman Hans Alfred Kaut, Wuppertal, and his deputy Dr. Till Werner, Worms. The finances are taken care of by Frank Ellerhold, Radebeul. The group starts with twelve members and already represents 29 C510 Mustangs in German-speaking countries. Of course, the association is open to receiving as many members from all over Europe.

Owners, pilots and enthusiasts of the Citation Mustang strive not only to exchange their experiences with this aircraft model, but also to make this special aircraft widely known. The aim of the association is to promote the operation, maintenance and maintenance of the aircraft model C510 in terms of optimal operational readiness. Further goals are in the field of flight operations in the broadest sense, the implementation of flight training and safety training, the general increase in flight safety and the more conscious, energy-efficient flying and the promotion of young talent.

Interested parties already have the opportunity to access the contact details and to see the current statutes and to apply via the registration form on the homepage Gradually, the homepage will be expanded with interesting information about this aircraft model. In that regard, the club is pleased about every contribution, photos and videos on the topic C 510 Citation Mustang. Owners, pilot or friend of this model can become a member of the association.

Wuppertal, October 2018

Image source: Hans-Alfred Kaut

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