The Association

On 29.09.2018 enthusiastic Citation Mustang friends met and completed the founding of the Citation Mustang Interest Group - in short CMIG - based in Wuppertal. The group started with twelve members and represents 29 C510 Mustangs in German-speaking countries. The association now has more than 50 members.

Cessna Citation Mustang C510

Owners, pilots and enthusiasts of the Citation Mustang strive not only to exchange their experiences with this aircraft model, but also to make this special aircraft widely known. The aim of the association is to promote the operation, the value conservation and maintenance of the aircraft model C510 in terms of optimal operational readiness. Further goals are in the area of flight operations in the broadest sense, the implementation of flight training and safety training, the general increase in flight safety and the more conscious, energy-efficient flying as well as the promotion of young talents.

The board is made up of the spokesman Dr. Till Werner and his representative Dr. Klaus Lesker. The finances are taken care of by Frank Ellerhold, Radebeul.